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If your washing machine has started walking away from the wall, or your dryer is taking forever to dry, it's time to call the experienced repair team at Appliance Repairs McLean. Their FREE service calls mean that you can get a diagnosis on the problem and see how much the repairs will cost, making it affordable and convenient for you.

• Washer's digital display is not working

• Water inlet is out-of-order

• Drain does not work

• Washer creates a lot of noise

• Water leakage

• Door cannot be shut properly

• Cycle issues or does not spin or wash

• Motor transmission failed

• Drive belt has broken

• Washer does not fill or fills slowly

What's wrong with your washer?

• The drum spins, but there is no heat.

• The motor is running, drum isn't spinning

• The dryer is getting too hot

• The dryer won't work at all

• Dryer does not run but it's plugged in

• Dryer is making a lot of noise

• Clothes are taking too long to dry

• Filter is clean and clothes won't dry

• Any other issue

What's wrong with your dryer?

For over 10 years, Appliance Repairs McLean has been serving the Bristow, VA area and surrounding communities with appliance repair and installation. If you're in need of repairs, don't hesitate to contact them for your FREE service call. All work is 100% risk-free.

Expert repairs for your noisy or ineffective washer and dryer

Trust in experienced washer and dryer repair service

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